This post isn’t going to follow in the order of the others, as I thought I would give my thought a try. The photos below are of people who we have crossed paths with in one way or another. Some are friends, while others are strangers from worlds away.

When you travel, no matter where you go, people’s faces tend to tell a story greater than those of your surroundings. Part of the experience of exploring is watching those around you. People’s faces are a story of who they are, what they have seen, what they have been through. Wherever you go, pay close attention on those faces… you never know what stories are within.

The first photo is one of the very first I took when we started walking the streets of Beijing, towards the Forbidden City.


In a city so big, with so much going on around you, I ran into this man who was having a wonderful time fishing. The smile on his face as he cast his line was incredible. There wasn’t a care in his world, other than maybe snagging lunch or dinner. We were in awe of the oncoming Forbidden City, he was in awe of something much simpler, yet just as important…

And then there was this man making heavenly music on the street in the heart of Beijing. If only words could describe the sound that went along with this photo. It’s like hearing a song that brings you to a certain place, or a tune that makes you think “I wonder if you really hear this in _____?” I found the answer to my question in this man here, who made the sound of a city I had dreamed of visiting for quite some time.


A woman who was praying at the Lama Temple in Beijing.


The next is one of a woman who was working in the floating markets near Bangkok Thailand. Here again, there is really no explanation of what it is like to be in this very spot. The sounds, noises, smells, colors and so much more… Oh what memories come flooding back when I look at this photo.


Here is another from Thailand. This one is from inside our tuk-tuk. Insane and incredible all wrapped up in one of our many trips throughout the city known as the concrete jungle.


The next are faces iconic to Thailand. The first is of a Buddha head in Wat Mahatat, Ayuttatha, that has been trapped in a fig tree for hundreds of years. If you look at images of Thailand, you will no doubt see a photo of this.


And the next of course, is one of the many faces of Buddhism. One of my favorite photos from our trip.


While in Thailand, you must plan a trip out into the jungle, and that’s exactly what we did. Here you can see the face of one of our tour guides getting things prepared for our oxen drawn carriage ride.


Another of a fantastic lady who was in our tour group. This is once we all got our hats figured out. I still can’t tell if she was frightened, or pleasantly surprised!


The next few photos take us to Cambodia. Oh the things Cambodia has to offer… It’s hard to get me to go somewhere twice, because my thought is there is so much to see before seeing something for the second time, but if Cambodia called, I’d be there in a heartbeat.

This one was taken Halloween night, 2016. We will remember this night always and forever.


And the face of this boy trying to sell flutes as we walked around Angkor.


Or this young boy that picked waterlily’s for us right outside Siem Reap.


And then here is another favorite of mine.

I can’t remember what or why I found a love for Angkor Wat, but for as long as I can remember it’s always been a dream of mine to be there first hand and experience the wonder of such a truly magical place.

This photo explains only part of that magic…


This one I snapped as we were headed to a local museum in Siem reap. Workers on their way to work I’m assuming, but it doesn’t look like most of them want to go…


And lastly from Cambodia, is the iconic kissing photo. This I believe was taken at Angkor Thom. Our tour guide was incredible at showing us only the best photo spots along the way, and this one doesn’t disappoint!


Before we head back oversea’s, I want to show you some familiar faces around home.

Quite a number of years ago, my longest time best friend came out to visit us in Arizona. We decided to take a short trip and visit the beach near San Diego CA. This is one of my favorite pictures of her. We had a wonderful time…


This is the face of a little girl who I met once when I was visiting my parents in WI. Friends of theirs came over and I was fortunate enough to snag these photos of their beautiful daughter.


This is another close friend of ours from AZ. This was taken on one of our annual camping trips.


Here is one of a good friend of mine as she gets ready on her wedding day. I had the honor of shooting their beautiful wedding.


This little girl I don’t know, but I do know she was having a fantastic time at the festival that day!


One last animal face photo before heading back out… This one is from a surprise trip I was taken on at one of our local wildlife zoos. Can you guess what kind of animal it is?


Okay, now onto Bali, Indonesia.

The, the Island of the Gods. Enough said.

The first is of Paul. We had rented scooters for our entire trip and this is just one of many taken along one of our drives.


We caught these guys after a ceremony along the beach… Truly incredible people.


And this one of a different group from the same ceremony.


We walked the beach almost ever night and caught this guy fishing in the Indian Ocean.


Prayers at the Monkey Forest.


And of course, a monkey from the famed Monkey Forest. Another amazing place to experience, which is in Ubud, Bali.


More animal life from the island. I think one thing that made this island so magical was the fact that everything around you was and actually felt alive.


Trying new foods…


Even the chip bags are fun!

And my last photo is from back in Thailand. For those who know me, probably already know what picture I’m talking about when I say it’s my favorite.
This was taken at a temple near Bangkok. I’m not exactly sure what about it makes this one so special to me, but I think it’s one of my best.

Here, in a huge and chaotic city, is what I see as peace. Nothing more, nothing less.

Spirituality. Calm. Peace. Wonder. Simple. Prayer.

Just a few words that I think of when I look at this photo.



And with that, I say goodbye until next time when we pick up where we left off!

If you like any of the photos above, please follow along as there are many miles left of the journey we started not that long ago.

Stay tuned!





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  1. mom

    Oh WOW, son. I think your thoughts, words, and pictures here are so awesome. I am so happy you have made some of your dreams come true. When I first looked into your face as a baby I sure didn’t realize I would say my little boy grew up to travel to so many far away places. Traveling like you have has given new spiritual meaning to your faith. I can feel it in the words you have written here and in the faces of those with whom you have crossed paths with. You should make a book of this post. It teaches us just how big the world of ours is!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • My only wish is being able to continue seeing more and more of this amazing world. I look back and realize how blessed we have been to see what we have seen, but at the same time also know just how much more there is to see, touch and feel… it makes me excited just thinking of things yet to come! Love you mama and your love and support mean nothing less than the world to me❤


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