The trip…so far! 

So without a computer, I won’t write too much but I wanted to get some photos out there for those who are following along on our trip! It’s been a joy so far, and we aren’t even a week in!

So, let’s begin…

The smiles of excitement for anther adventure!

So… getting there!

We found ourselves on a futuristic plane that was pretty neat for being a jumper plane. My first thought, ‘Jetsons!’

Our first stop was in the marvelous city of Boston Massachusetts!

Where we saw sites such as these…

and this…

Of course, Cheers!

After a night at the Omni Parker house, which is a great little hotel in the middle of everything…

it was time to get back on the plane and head off to our first quick layover spot, Iceland, which is an easy 5 hour flight away.

Seeing as it was almost 1 o’clock in the morning when we landed and only an hour til our connecting flight took off, we weren’t able to leave the airport. We did however walk from the plane to the gate outside and it was a “cool” 49 degrees outside. Felt good after the ride over!

I snapped a few photos at the airport, you know, just to prove we were there!

And a very interesting bottle of booze…

And with that, we took off again for a short 3 hour ride to Stockholm.

And one more as the sun was coming up over a fog covered sleeping country.

On this layover, we had 6 hours to spare. This was not going to be a restless 6 hours though, as the day before I realized when I purchased or tickets they were from and to two different airports…

Now when booking or flights, I did enter in Stockholm as our destination. However, the two airports are nowhere near the city. The main airport is 45 minutes out in one direction while the other is an hour and a half in the other. So a total of 3 hours was used when getting from one airport to the other. If we wouldn’t have had those 6 hours, we would have been in serious trouble.

I looked at Paul and said “it’s just as if we are on the Amazing Race”!

We got to see more of the country though then we thought, which was fine by us. We will be back for 5 days to see the city in two weeks, but it was a great unexpected side tour in the meantime!

The first bus..

To come here, to catch bus number 2.

Stockholm City Center Terminal.

And the trip down to catch our last flight of our journey here.

Once in Poland, our first stop is Lomza. If you remember from my very first post, this is Paul’s hometown.

First stop, grandma’s house!

After many many hugs and a wonderful diner, it wad time to head to the hotel for some sleep. We were pooped.

I will admit though, taking a few shorter flights really does help and the time seemed to go by faster than lets say the 15 hour plane ride we took to China!

But back to our trip…

Or view at night from our room,

And in the morning.

On our first full day it was time to head to the Centrum. Paul needs a new suit for the wedding.

Saying hello again to main street.

And here are a few more of downtown Lomza.

After a long day of shopping, and with a new suit in hand, it’s time to fill our bellies.

Bring on the food!

And everyone’s choice, of course, is schnitzel, and boy was it fantastic!

And I tried the sour cabbage soup.

And I must say, if you are ever given the opportunity to have this soup, do not let that chance pass you by.

With full bellies and shopping bags, its once again time to get some sleep as tomorrow is wedding day.

One more selfie to end the day!

It’s a beautiful morning and celebrations are in the air.

Once we are all dressed and ready, its of to the church.

A beautiful wedding of a beautiful couple. The groom is Paul’s cousin, and the bride was truly radiant!

And for the reception, a feast fit for a king and even more vodka than you can imagine to fill up on! Each table had two bottles to start with endless refills the entire night.

Dancing, 4 courses of meals and endless chatting and catching up meant we didn’t get back to the room til well after 3am.

Now weddings, Polish style, go on for at least 2 days, if not longer.

So the next day we were off again, but this time to the bride’s parents land for more of everything from the previous day.

The bride and groom enjoyed a celebration dance as everyone gathered around and clapped along, a great moment!

And after a little more dancing and even more food, it was time for a walk to the river. It was a welcomed trip as everyone’s bellies were quickly becoming rounded and belts were being loosened!

A Beautiful, cloudy day in the country meant great pictures were going to happen!

And with that, it was time to rest as we needed a good nights sleep to get ready for the roundtrip in the morning!

So, stay tuned, as we go here next time!

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A lover of travel and photos. My partner and I started our travels 8 years ago and along the way I found my love for photography. I hope you enjoy looking back on where we have been, and riding along on the adventures we will embark on! Stay tuned for photos, stories, travel tips and so much more!


  1. First stop was Boston! I’m sold lol. This is the kind of trip many people dream of, it looks like you guys had a fantastic time, and also nice wedding pictures of the couple (Paul’s cousin and his newly wedded wife). I enjoyed looking at all the pictures of your ventures in Boston, looks like a good time. For some reason, I also liked the aesthetic look of the picture you took while sitting in the airplane, it looks balanced and eye-catching. Overall, great post, and I’ll be looking forward to your future posts guys :)!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much!!!! I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out, seeing as I did it on a tablet in the back of a car, but I think I did okay! Haha! I habe not been able to catch up on your posts yet, or anyone else’s, so I will have quite a bit of reading when we get home! Still two weeks left of traveling! Thanks for the kind words and encouragement! I’m trying to stay somewhat connected while we are away!

      Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so sorry for it taking so long to get back to you! We are back at home and in the swing of things… (kinda)! and now I finally have some sit down time. I still have to work on my next post too… I’ll probably get some time on my next few days off! But YES! Sheep dung liquor! We didn’t try any, but we will be back and it’ll be on the top of our “to try” list! Paul actually has family that live there, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we do a trip again here pretty soon! Maybe next summer! The adventures will definatly keep coming:-)


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