What a Trip…

So this will be a very quick post, as I just wanted to make sure you all know that I didn’t forget about you! We are now back home from our amazing trip and slowly but surly getting back into the swing of things. This time around the time change didn’t hurt us as bad as it usually does, which is great, but the cold and flu bug decided to visit me instead. I never get sick, but this was a doozy.

So now that normal life has found us again, I will have some time to start sorting through the thousands of pictures we took and get my things in order for my next post! Until then, I just wanted to share a handful of my favorite photos (so far) with you and hope you come back to see some more later!

Here is my first one…

The crazy and beautiful, one and only Venice, Italy.

What a place to be. It kind of takes you off guard at first, until you get your bearings about you. But once you get a handle on things… watch out! We walked around 13 kilometers here and every step was very much worth it. Italy sure does have some amazing things up its sleeve. Here’s one more to prove it…

The ceiling of one of the most beautiful churches we have ever been in. This was taken in Verona, Italy.

Onto one of my next favorite photos, and places to just “be”…

Old Town, Warsaw. This place is just magical. Every time we are there, this place is a must. More fun stories coming up about our time here!

And just one more from Old Town…

Love this one!

Next is from a new country for us, or two to be exact. Lithuania…

And then Latvia.

Two extraordinary countries to be. I can’t wait to tell and “show” you more from these two gems!

My final two photos of this post will be of the remarkable in every way, Stockholm Sweden.

What a joy it was to experience this fantastic and vibrant city. If only we had about 3 more months free we would have stayed to explore more. But the one good things about finding a place you love so much is knowing you’ll be back someday. Someday soon!

And this one…

Oh who am I kidding… I’ll just throw in a selfie from one of the “coolest” places we have been! Also in Stockholm…

So stay tuned… You don’t want to miss this ride!

Until next time!

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A lover of travel and photos. My partner and I started our travels 8 years ago and along the way I found my love for photography. I hope you enjoy looking back on where we have been, and riding along on the adventures we will embark on! Stay tuned for photos, stories, travel tips and so much more!


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