What’s in your photo?

As the famous television ad states…

“What’s in your wallet?”

I’m asking the question of “what’s in your photo”?

When you take a photo, what is it that your trying to say? Does your photo do more than just capture the moment? Does it also capture what it’s like to be in that moment?

Of course you can’t smell what’s in a photo, or feel the breeze like you did as you stood there and took the photo…

Or can you?

What do you see when you look at this photo?

Now what do you feel?

Yes, you can see the buildings and the people.  You can also see the rising sun casting shadows in the morning light. Or was the sun going down in the evening that cast those shadows on the city ground? Are those people enjoing the begining of a beautiful day or are they winding down after a longs day’s work?

Is it the crisp morning air or the warm humid evening that you feel when you see this picture?

I could tell you the answers to all of those questions… but I’m not going to. I want to know what world your mind puts together when you look this picture.

It’s like reading a book. You use your imagination to create a world in your head from all of the words you are absorbing. When two people read the same book, what world those words create in each ones mind is completely different.

The same goes for photos. When one picture is viewed by different people, wouldn’t it be neat to know what each one really see’s?

Here’s another photo for you to look at…

Without me telling you anything about this picture, what is it you really see?

What do you smell and hear? What world do you see?

And one more before I end for the day.

So with that, I’ll ask once more…

What’s in your photo?

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A lover of travel and photos. My partner and I started our travels 8 years ago and along the way I found my love for photography. I hope you enjoy looking back on where we have been, and riding along on the adventures we will embark on! Stay tuned for photos, stories, travel tips and so much more!


  1. mom

    Hey !!! Love this picture awareness session!! When I first looked atm the top picture without ever knowing your questions the first thing I saw was the bright shining sun shining through the cross of Christ and the other statue shepherds looking out over all. I felt a peace and a tug of my faith as I know Christ’s love shines on ALL people. The leaning Building reminded me that life is never perfect and all lean towards many things that really aren’t as important as we think they are. Yet people are going here, going there and back again in their busy lives perhaps not realizing as much as they should that the Lord is consistently and constantly with us no matter what journey we are on. Honestly, that is what I saw and felt first my son. The second picture shows how reactive we can be to what is going on around us. I like the little girl who is flattening out her dress before she sits down. She caught my eye first. The man who looks sad I saw second. Some burdens are heavy even if you are surround by your fellow man who perhaps choose not to get involved for what every reason. He just looks so alone. The third thing I saw was youth. The young are always in their own little world, as it should be. There is plenty of time for seriousness to settle in later, like the dad perhaps telling his young son not to drink too fast, eh???
    I liked the homework very much !!!

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    • I love the things you saw! It opened my eyes to see what you see in them because I didn’t even notice things you did! Isn’t it amazing what our minds and hearts see, and the different ways we all see even when looking at the same thing? As with the world around us… I guess that’s what makes us all so very unique! Love you!


  2. I am answering this as a construction worker so it will probable be much different. The first thing I noticed about the first pic is the attention to detail and the craftsmanship required to construct the structures without all of today’s technology. Just fantastic.
    The second pic seems to be some kind of festival or party…..but there is only one person smiling. Either too hot, too crowded, too whatever. And the young girl on the right appears to be getting ready to moon the photographer. She’s not but it appears that way.
    The third pic of the lake, just pure relaxation. Even a nap in the shade next to the lake. Water does that to me.

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