India’s magic…

Picture in your mind two ladders.

Both the same, about 20 feet high.

Now one has 20 rungs to get up to the top, the other only 2.

The first ladder being very easy to climb all the way to the top, while the second would be impossible.

This is the way I would describe life in India…


You see people who have been given, or born with the ladder with 20 rungs, and then you see others who were given the impossible ladder. Often these two different people walk side by side.

India is the land of extremes. Extreme wealth and then extreme poverty. Spotless world heritage sites with a years worth of rubbish just right outside the gates. Walking the side streets in the city, where one step you smell the open sewer your walking next to, while the next step you smell the scent of the sweet perfume the woman passing you by was wearing.

With over 1.3 billion people in the area about 1/3rd the size of the United States, you can see why this country is a land where anything and everything is possible. Where the wild meets the tame and the ordinary stands right beside the extraordinary. Constant honking right outside the peaceful gardens where the locals do their morning meditation.

If you can think of one extreme, the opposite isn’t far away…


There are countless wonders within India’s boarders, but after being blessed enough to see as much as we did, I would say the true wonder are its people.

Everyone has a story… everyone has a purpose. I want to let this first post about our time in India be about the people.

The first photo I want to share is a woman who stopped us as we were touring one of the oldest forts in Delhi, Purana Qila.

Built in the early 16th century, this old fort is still being excavated to this day. Now they don’t use any fancy machinery or modern tools, they do it the old fashion way, all by hand and manual labor.

We were walking along one of the edges where they were working and this woman came up to me because she saw I had a camera.

“Picture, picture!” she tells me… so I gladly raise the lens to my eye and snap a few quick ones as she has quite the load on her head…


As soon as I lower my camera, she quickly sticks out her hand for a few rupee which I gladly hand over. She immediately smiled and went about her job hauling sticks and stones away from the excavation site.

Her image will stay with me for the rest of my life…

The next photo is of a woman we ran into while we are at the sand dunes about 40 kilometers west of Jaisalmer. (about 60 kilometers away from the Pakistani border)

From the moment I saw her I was bewildered…

She was riding a camel with her son as I watched her try to steal a few sneak peeks at us as they rode by. Every time I caught her looking at us, she quickly looked the other way.

These are the moments I captured of her…


And one more as she was looking at me, as if almost waiting to have her picture taken…


And, her son…


This next photo is of a girl, also at the dunes, who was going around dancing as her brother made a steady beat with his drum. And boy could she dance…

They were entertaining a couple sitting not to far from us, so I was able to get this shot.


This next one I shot from inside our car as we made our way through the streets of Agra.

Agra is not for the faint of heart. The Taj Mahal is hidden behind a gate which is about a quarter-mile away from the entrance. Everything outside those gated walls is what most of you probably picture India to be. We will get to all of those details in a later post…

This man was riding in a tuk-tuk with his family, I’m assuming on their way to work for the day. I would have really liked to meet him.


Our first morning we walked outside our hotel to go exploring.

We came across a man and woman setting up some apparatuses right there in the middle of the road. As we watched, wondering what they could be up to, we saw a little girl getting her things ready for what was going to be a talent show.

They constructed a tight rope stage right then and there. The father proceeded to pull out a large speaker from their truck and played the most amazing Indian music. And then… up she went. She made probably ten or twelve passes, each with something a little different to keep your attention.

One walk over she put a tin pie plate under one of her feet and proceeded to walk the length of the road. The next pass she stacked different sized pots on her head and so on until it was time to take everything down and move on. This probably lasted a half hour or so, and we couldn’t take our eyes away. Our first taste of this incredible land…


These next few have no special stories with us, just some of our time spent in Old Delhi.

Old Delhi was founded as Shahjahanabad in 1638, when the Mughal Emperor shifted the capital from Agra.

There are no words to describe the feeling here… but the best I can do at telling you the feeling would be graceful chaos.

Take a look…


Here is a man selling flowers. This is right around the corner from the largest spice market in the world…


And then you have those who can’t be too far away from social media!


The never-ending maze of streets in every direction you look.


The delivery man who hand delivers…


to the family on their way to school.


And one view of Old Delhi from a little further up.


And then who can forget the Celebration, Holi…

This will be a post in itself, but a am going to share a little preview…

The children we met and encountered during our stay were the most joyous, loving and adventurous little souls we have ever meet.

More often than not, we would feel a little tug at the bottom of our shirts only to look down at the most beautiful smiles we have ever seen…

“Camera! Camera!” Where are you from?” “HI” “Happy Holi” and “What’s your name?” were among the most popular questions!

Here are a few from the day of Holi… a beyond incredible experience.



And, one of our faces as well!


There is much to say and write about from our time there, and I look forward to sharing these memories with all of you.

Here’s to India’s greatest wonders…

The people.


And just one more…

Another of my favorites.


As always, stay tuned!

Thanks to everyone who is following along on our journey around this incredible earth… we are forever blessed.

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  1. Love, love love! Love the photo of the man selling the vibrant flowers in bags. Love all the color amid the dusty, drab streets. Can’t wait to hear more! Also, love the clarity of your photos – looks like the new camera is has been a great investment so far! ❤

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