And then we went to town…

What do you do while you have 5 free days in New Delhi?

You go see the sights is what you do!

After a (somewhat good) goodnight’s sleep and just enough breakfast to fill our bellies, we were off.

First stop, the India Gate of course…


After being dropped off by our Uber driver, we had the daunting task to try to cross the street… no small feat to anyone who knows what Delhi traffic is really like.

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And it begins…

There is always big anticipation when it comes time to go to a new country.

What is it going to be like?

Is it going to be just like all those articles I’ve read… the images I’ve seen?

Am I going to love it, or hate it?

What if we flew all of these miles to wind up in a place that is completely unbearable?

And then it comes time to get off the plane.

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