An Adventure awaits…

There is always a certain anticipation that come with an upcoming trip…

Did I plan everything correctly? Did I plan too much?

Too little?


But then you think…

No matter what happens with the “planned”, it’s always the unplanned that is the real adventure!

This trip will be the first family trip the four of us have done since I was about this tall…

and we all know that saying.

In other words, it’s been many years.

This will be the first time flying international for my mom and sister, as Paul and I took my dad on a grand European adventure when he retired back in 2013.

Those cherished memories live in me every single day.


So now it’s time for the Stubbe gang to take on Europe again, but with all of us in tow this time.

Three countries and many miles in between…

First stop will be the City of Love and Lights, Paris.

Oh Paris, I have been missing you.


Then it’s off to London.

There is nowhere else on earth like London. It had my heart from the moment we first touched ground there over 7 years ago.

If there ever was a home away from home, it would be here.


And then finally, it’s on to the unknown…


We will take to the city as well as the country side to explore the wonders that lay ahead.

I know four people who will be getting very little sleep in the few short weeks ahead before we finally take to the skies… dreams of a great adventure will be making it very hard to sleep!


So bring on the adventure and bring on the memories…

The Great Stubbe adventure of 2018 awaits!




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Pack Your Bags Travel Planning

A lover of travel and photos. My partner and I started our travels 8 years ago and along the way I found my love for photography. I hope you enjoy looking back on where we have been, and riding along on the adventures we will embark on! Stay tuned for photos, stories, travel tips and so much more!


  1. Mom

    Oh wow !!! Thanks for your words!!! Exciting beyond words !!! Jenn and I talked about practicing packing!! Love you all to the moon and back !!!!


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