I was born to travel.

From the beginning of my memory, my family was always out exploring. Either it was traveling as a family when my dad had conferences and meetings throughout the US, my grandparents who RV’d their way across the nation, or me and a friend taking a road trip to this ocean or that… I was always out there seeing something new.

When I met my partner in 2006, we both had backgrounds that tied deeply with travel. He was born and raised in Lomza, Poland, and had traveled all the way with his family to Chicago at the age of 17 to start a new life here in the USA.

In 2011 we took our first overseas trip together to go to a wedding in Paul’s home town. Before we left I remember telling him that we were going to see as much as we could while we were there because who knew when we would be back. So I planned a road trip for us through Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Needless to say it was an extraordinary first big trip, with memories made that still seem like they were made just yesterday.

One very important thing also happened on that trip… a very big case of the travel bug bit us and we knew we had to get out and see more! To this day, we have been to around 35 countries and we have hundreds more to see!

If you’ve ever wanted to travel, no matter how far, but have never taken that first step, you’ve come to the right place. I am here to help from the very beginning to the final step off the plane, bus or automobile. I can help you a little, or a lot!

I will be offering advice, motivation and of course, travel planning.

So… are you ready to Pack your Bags?