Upcoming Travel

So with 2017 coming to an end as far as our travels go, it’s time to update our list to reflect the coming year of 2018.

Within this year we will travel to exciting new places, all of which we are super excited to see, explore and take in. I’m excited to see what these amazing places have in store for us! Is it to early to start packing?

First up on our list is this magnificent country.

Image result for flag of india


We will take flight mid February and stay until the first week of March. We chose this time as it’s much cooler… It’s going to be an amazing time!

Next on our list are these fantastic countries!

Image result for flag of england


Image result for flag of ireland


Image result for flag of wales

And Wales.

This is going to be an extra special trip as we are going with my family, with whom neither my mom or sister have ever been out of the country. We will be headed over in September for a little over two week. (that’s the plan now anyways, but maybe I can sneak us in for an extra day or two!)

There is always room for an unexpected adventure or two in between so my camera is always ready to go!

Where will your travel plans take you in the year 2018?